Baad Stats

If you read my blog at all, you’ll know I bristle at the misuse of statistics in order to ‘prove’ dubious theories. I stumbled across another example on Twitter this afternoon. 

On the face of it, it a third-tier English side selling twice as many tickets as a first tier Scottish team doesn’t look good. But this is where regression analysis comes in. For a start,  Bradford has a higher population than Aberdeen (roughly twice the size.) England in general has ten times the population of Scotland, so direct comparisons like this aren’t helpful. 

Bradford have also introduced cut-price season tickets for under-11s – £5 for the entire season (46 league games.) 

Aberdeen are in “the big boy’s league”. And they’ll probably sell more season tickets than any other Scottish club, outwith the Old Firm. Leicester City and Villarreal only sell around 20,000 season tickets in their first tier leagues, and they’re able to compete with the big boys. 

None of that really matters though. The original tweet was meant at a dig at Aberdeen, and with 96 retweets and 242 likes, it certainly succeeded in its goal. 


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