I’m immensley dissatisfied with my life at the moment. Everything seems to be assuming the shape of a garden full of pears, and I seem utterly powerless to do anything about it.

Item after item irritates me immensely to the point where I should have a big list of things to write about, but sitting here with the laptop in front of me, I can’t think of a single one. Suffice to say I’m sick of people’s smug, lazy attitudes to many things, though specifically towards music; the notion that one band’s music is infinitely more worthy than another, or the individual’s opinion this is the case has been around for many many years. But that just means it’s boring and everyone’s sick of it. And it’s the same old debates, the same subjective responses, and the supply of several names of other bands, supposedly far superior, and yet almost identical in terms of musical dna, down to the last few allelles.

In the end, people’s opinions don’t really matter that much. And I think that terrifies some of them.